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The Original Bikini Home Page, by Bruce - The Bikini Guy!

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In late 1995 I built The Daily Bikini site just for fun, not expecting to have it become such a popular web site or concept. But it slowly grew and continues to grow to this day. Today tens of thousands of bikini fans visit the page each day. It is part of my site, The Daily Start Pages. Also at this site you can find The Daily Overlook, and The Daily Menagerie.

Visit the original DAILY BIKINI

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I decided early on that I did not want to do adult content, but what could be better than a sexy bikini girl to start your day? The daily bikini model home page has remained pretty much the same. In early 1999 I changed the original layout of the page so that it is optimized for 800x600 screen resolution. In 2001 I created a broadband version of The Daily Overlook titled The Daily Overlook Broadband. Lots of people seem to like the new site.

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The site is supported, not by aggressive advertising, but by regular users who make their online purchases using the links found on the site. The commissions I earn from their purchases covers the server and bandwidth costs. Also, once a year, I ask that Daily Bikini users to subscribe and support the site. I ask for $12 bucks, not much really, but lots of users send it it. Sending the money doesn't get you anything, it just lets my users know they are helping keep the site online.

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So make The Daily Bikini your Start Page / Home Page! Start your day with a sexy bikini girl and lots of interesting and useful links.

Bruce - The Sexy Bikini Start Page Guy